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Complete 2024 Prize Bond Schedule: Your Monthly Guide from January to December

The Prize Bond Schedule for 2024 in Pakistan is as follows:

  • The first draw for the Rs750 prize bond is scheduled for January 15, 2024, in Sialkot.
  • Subsequent draws will be held for different denominations including Rs100, Rs200, Rs1500, Rs7500, Rs15000, Rs25000, and Rs40000.
  • The draws for the premium prize bonds of Rs40,000 and Rs25,000 are set for March 11, 2024, in Faisalabad and Karachi, respectively.

The complete schedule is detailed with specific dates and cities for each draw throughout the year. For example:

  • Rs750 prize bond draws are scheduled for January 15 in Sialkot, April 15 in Hyderabad, July 15 in Quetta, and October 15 in Faisalabad.
  • Rs100 prize bond draws are on February 15 in Peshawar, May 15 in Lahore, August 15 in Karachi, and November 15 in Multan.
  • Rs1500 prize bond draws are set for February 15 in Lahore, May 15 in Karachi, August 15 in Multan, and November 15 in Rawalpindi.
  • Rs25000 prize bond draws will occur on March 11 in Karachi, June 10 in Peshawar, September 10 in Hyderabad, and December 10 in Quetta.
  • Rs40000 prize bond draws are scheduled for March 11 in Faisalabad, June 10 in Multan, September 10 in Lahore, and December 10 in Muzaffarabad.
  • Rs200 prize bond draws are planned for March 15 in Muzaffarabad, June 17 in Rawalpindi, September 16 in Peshawar, and December 16 in Sialkot.

This schedule provides a comprehensive overview of the prize bond draws for the entire year 2024, offering opportunities for participants to plan their investments accordingly.

Prize bond Schedule 2024

Prize Bond Schedule2024 in Pakistan

Draw No.Prize BondsDraw DateCity
#97Rs75015 January, 24SIALKOT
#45Rs10015 February, 24PESHAWAR
#97Rs150015 February, 24LAHORE
#13Rs2500011 March, 24KARACHI
#28Rs4000011 March, 24FAISALABAD
#97Rs20015 March, 24MUZAFFARABAD
#98Rs75015 April, 24HYDERABAD
#46Rs10015 May, 24LAHORE
#98Rs150015 May, 24KARACHI
#14Rs2500010 June, 24PESHAWAR
#29Rs4000010 June, 24MULTAN
#98Rs20017 June, 24RAWALPINDI
#99Rs75015 July, 24QUETTA
#47Rs10015 August, 24KARACHI
#99Rs150015 August, 24MULTAN
#15Rs2500010 September, 24HYDERABAD
#30Rs4000010 September, 24LAHORE
#99Rs20016 September, 24PESHAWAR
#100Rs75015 October, 24FAISALABAD
#48Rs10015 November, 24MULTAN
#100Rs150015 November, 24RAWALPINDI
#16Rs2500010 December, 24QUETTA
#31Rs4000010 December, 24MUZAFFARABAD
#100Rs20016 December, 24SIALKOT

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