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Rs. 200 Prize Bond Unlocks a World of Prizes and Thrills!

Rs. 200 Prize Bond is one of the denominations of prize bonds issued by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Here are some key points about the Rs. 200 Prize Bond:

  1. Denomination: The face value of the Rs. 200 Prize Bond is 200 Pakistani Rupees.
  2. Prize Bond Draw: The State Bank of Pakistan conducts regular prize bond draws where bondholders have the chance to win prizes. The draws are usually held quarterly, and winners are selected through a computerized balloting process.
  3. Prizes: The Rs. 200 Prize Bond typically has multiple prize categories, including first, second, and third prizes, along with numerous smaller prizes. The prize amounts can vary, and the total prize pool is distributed among the winners.
  4. Validity Period: Prize bonds have a specified validity period, after which they need to be renewed. If a bond is not claimed within the designated time frame, the prize may be forfeited.
  5. Redemption: Bondholders can redeem their prize bonds at designated branches of authorized banks. Prize money can be claimed within a specified period after the draw.
Rs. 200 Prize Bond Winning Amount / Filer Tax?
PositionNo’s of PrizesPrize MoneyFiler Tax (15%)
1st Winner1Rs: 750,000Rs. 112,500
2nd Winners5Rs: 250,000Rs: 37,500
3rd Winners2394Rs: 1,250Rs. 188
As per Govt. Policy, Rate of Tax is 15% of prize value for Filers, and 30% of prize value for Non-Filers.

Stay Ahead of the Game and Maximize Your Wins: It’s crucial to note that key details like prize amounts, draw schedules, and terms associated with the Rs. 200 Prize Bond may undergo changes over time.

To ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information, we recommend checking with the official website of the State Bank of Pakistan or paying a visit to authorized banks that specialize in prize bonds.

Don’t miss out on exciting opportunities – keep yourself informed for a winning experience!

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