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Explore the Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bond Draws in Lahore

Welcome to our Prize Bond Advance Search Engine at, designed for Prize bond holders in Pakistan. Easily discover accurate results of the Rs. 40000 Premium Prize bond draws held in Lahore and other major cities by National Savings of Pakistan. Our Prize Bond Checker tool enables you to swiftly search and obtain precise results for the past 7 years’ draws based on your bond denomination. Say farewell to the hassle of sifting through numerous numbers – our one-click search simplifies the process, making it easy to find out if you’re a lucky winner.

Complete 40000 Premium Prize Bond Draw Schedule for 2024

The 40000 Premium Prize Bond Schedule for 2024 by National Savings Pakistan spans from January 1st to December 15th. It encompasses denominations including PKR 100, 200, 750, 1500, 25000 Premium, and 40000 Premium Prize Bonds. This scheme is tailored to benefit the general public, providing comprehensive information about their 40000 Premium prize bonds to those interested.

Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bond
Draw #: 28Draw City: FAISALABAD
Draw Date: 11 March 2024
1 Prizes of 1st Position1st Winner Amount is: Rs. 75,000,000
3 Prizes of 2nd Position2nd Winner Amount is: Rs. 25,000,000/- Each
1 Prizes of 3rd PositionsRs. 500,000/- Each

What is the Premium Prize Bonds Scheme, and how is it different from the existing National Prize Bonds Scheme?

The Premium Prize Bonds Scheme, initiated by the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS), offers registered prize bonds issued in the investor’s name. Unlike National Prize Bonds (bearer), Premium Prize Bonds provide a six-monthly profit on investment, subject to rates set by the Government of Pakistan. Investors are eligible for prize money in quarterly draws, provided they comply with shut period requirements.

What rules govern the Premium Prize Bond Scheme?

The Premium Prize Bond Scheme is governed by the “Premium Prize Bonds (Registered) Rules, 2017,” accessible at this link.

How many denominations are available for the Premium Prize Bond Scheme?

Presently, there are two denominations: Rs. 40,000/- and Rs. 25,000/-.

What is the Office of Issue?

The Office of Issue refers to the SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC) Office and authorized conventional banks from which Premium Prize Bonds are issued.

Which conventional banks are authorized to deal in Premium Prize Bonds?

All major conventional banks are authorized to deal in Premium Prize Bonds. Currently, 19 banks are involved in the scheme, listed here.

Is the Premium Prize Bond a product of the State Bank of Pakistan?

No, the Premium Prize Bond is not a product of the State Bank of Pakistan. It is initiated by the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) and issued as a Central Government Debt. The CDNS, in coordination with SBP BSC, manages all policy-related matters and rules for the scheme, while SBP BSC acts as the government’s agent.

What is the composition of the Premium Prize Bond Number?

  • Each bond has a unique alpha-numeric number where the alpha denotes the series and the number reflects the bond’s serial number (e.g., A123456). The series consists of sequential order numbers from 000001 to 999,999, excluding I and O.

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